Lingvist: Revolutionizing language learning with AI

Lingvist is an Estonian EdTech and language learning platform that uses the most advanced AI technology to help people around the world learn a new language smarter and faster. 

The article was first published on the Global Estonian website.

CEO and co-founder Mait Müntel – a physicist and CERN alumnus with a Ph.D. from Tartu University – struggled just as many others have when learning a new language by following the classic classroom methodologies and books. He found these methods inefficient, time-consuming, and unenjoyable.

Müntel decided to use his experience as a researcher working at CERN with machine learning and his knowledge about physics and science to create a platform that could provide a better and smarter experience for anyone wanting to learn languages efficiently. After building a prototype and successfully testing it on himself, Lingvist was born.

The learning power of AI

The idea seems simple – a flashcard with a fill-in-the-blank sentence – but Lingvist’s key features and characteristics are revolutionizing the language learning industry by speeding up the learning process with the following features.

  • Smart algorithms – A spaced repetition algorithm ensures users learn the right words at the right time by presenting and repeating them at the optimal moment for long-term memory. 
  • Personalized learning – The Lingvist experience is personalized to each learner right from the beginning. The app quickly assesses every user’s language knowledge and places them at the right level. It then tailors the course so they can start learning the most relevant words immediately.
  • Real-life vocabulary – The most common words that cover 80% of everyday scenarios are shown first, and every flashcard comes with an example sentence and grammar information to provide contextualized learning.
  • Efficiency – Lingvist users achieve faster progress by studying for 10 minutes every day with no distractions, no ads, and bite-sized lessons. The mobile app allows learning from anywhere, anytime, making the experience easily accessible, even for those with a busy schedule.
  • Customization – Lingvist’s Custom Decks is a feature that turns any words or text the user provides into a custom language course in just a few clicks. From cooking to gardening or engineering, Lingvist users can create a course on any topic and learn the proper vocabulary for these subjects.

With more than 40 language pairs to learn from and more to come in the near future, Lingvist offers the possibility for people around the world to achieve their language learning goals. The combination of smart algorithms, cognitive science, AI, and linguistics gives Lingvist users the best learning experience and makes the learning journey a faster and more efficient process, saving time while learning something new and remembering it better.

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