iHub4Schools: A Journey of digital innovation in schools

The international iHub4Schools project, coordinated by Prof. Kairit Tammets from Tallinn University, recently concluded, marking a significant milestone. The project united nearly 1000 individuals from five countries, fostering a collaborative environment transcending borders.

One of the project’s key achievements was the development of a School Mentoring Model designed to support teachers in implementing digital innovations in their classrooms, emphasizing the importance of leadership and ongoing support in driving change in schools.

The project also saw the establishment of Regional Innovation Hubs. These hubs served as platforms for collaboration and knowledge exchange, bringing together teachers, school leaders, mentors, researchers, teacher trainers, policymakers, and start-up companies.

Among the participants in the project was Estonia’s Digital Accelerator programme, which provided an interesting example of how digital innovation can be fostered in schools.

The project’s final conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, bringing the journey full circle. The conference was an opportunity to reflect on the project’s achievements and to look forward to the future of digital innovation in schools.

For more detailed information about the project and its outcomes, you can read the iHub4Schools Newsletter.

The iHub4Schools project may have concluded, but its impact continues. The lessons learned, and the models developed will continue to guide digital innovation in schools, shaping the future of education.


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