Exploring Estonian education: insights from the field’s experts

Education Estonia’s video presentations have been expanded with six new videos featuring experts who provide insights into the key aspects of its education system. These videos address the very questions frequently asked by visiting education specialists in Estonia. The significant value of these videos is found in the voices of the practitioners themselves – those […]

Estonian kindergarten: More than just play

What do children do in an Estonian kindergarten? Ask them, and they’ll tell you – “We play!” “Once a little girl even asked, ‘Teacher, if you play all day, when do you work?’ Indeed, our highly educated teachers, holding Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, integrate play into their work. But it’s a play with a purpose,” […]

Kindergartens in Estonia: more than childcare

While compulsory education in Estonia starts at age seven, the majority of children attend kindergarten beforehand, laying the groundwork for the country’s educational achievements. Estonian kindergartens are far more than mere childcare facilities, playing a pivotal role in early development. The article by Marii Kangur was first published in Estonian World. Kindergarten education in Estonia […]

A program that helps Estonian children prepare for the future

“What do we teach when we teach a child programming? We teach them to think,“ says Kristi Salum, leader of the Estonian ProgeTiger program.  “I really believe in what Steve Jobs said: everyone should learn to program because it teaches you to think. Even today, it is difficult to find a field in the world […]

OECD study: early learning in Estonia, England and USA

IELS is a new OECD study that aims to provide reliable data that enables countries to analyse and improve children’s early learning experiences. In 2018, a large-scale main study was carried out in Estonia, England and the United States. The aim of the IELS study is to collect detailed information on early learning and key […]