Outside school: How Estonian students spend their time

In Estonia, education doesn’t end with the school day. So, what happens when classes are over? Students can join after-school activities, pursue hobbies, and visit youth centers for extra learning and fun. Kristiina Valk, a Senior Youth Specialist, gives an overview of these opportunities. For younger pupils with shorter days, schools often provide long-day programs […]

Exploring Estonian education: insights from the field’s experts

Education Estonia’s video presentations have been expanded with six new videos featuring experts who provide insights into the key aspects of its education system. These videos address the very questions frequently asked by visiting education specialists in Estonia. The significant value of these videos is found in the voices of the practitioners themselves – those […]

The gift of gifted children

When discussing education systems, the focus is usually on low-performing students. Often the reasons for low performance are linked to the students’ disadvantaged socioeconomical or immigrant background: youngsters who struggle with their shortcomings, their motivation to learn and even to be at school. However, it is equally important to address the needs and challenges faced […]

Art makes students happier at school

Children who don’t feel well at school, will not be ready to learn and, in time, this sadly leads to a decrease in life satisfaction for students. Therefore, perhaps the real question should be – how can we support kids to create stronger connections in school? Creative therapy could be one of the solutions to make […]

A program that helps Estonian children prepare for the future

“What do we teach when we teach a child programming? We teach them to think,“ says Kristi Salum, leader of the Estonian ProgeTiger program.  “I really believe in what Steve Jobs said: everyone should learn to program because it teaches you to think. Even today, it is difficult to find a field in the world […]

How sport education in Estonia coped with Covid-19?

Sport has long been the most common hobby education among Estonian schoolchildren. One of the bigger problems sport clubs in Estonia faced during the lockdown have been how to sustain good communication and connection with their members, especially children, says Jane Kalda from the Estonian Foundation of Sport Education in an interview for the ENGSO […]

Estonia: school camps to cover education gaps

Six million euros is being set aside for summer camps for schoolchildren, preparing them for the next academic year and ironing out deficiencies caused by long periods on remote learning. The money is budgeted as part of the recently approved supplementary budget, issued in response to the latest coronavirus wave.  As many as 50,000 or […]