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Estonian education is present at the World Expo in Dubai. Get a sight of the future education – visit Estonian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai!


Estonia has become a successful role model in education worldwide. According to PISA 2018 Estonian general education is 1st in Europe and among the best in the world. We are an education nation, while also being a digital nation.

Our program at EXPO

At the Expo Dubai, Education Estonia offers a complete solution for smart classroom and the possibility to connect with several EdTech solutions from Estonia. 

The Estonian pavilion will introduce education also during the Knowledge & Learning Week on December 12-18 by organising discussions on student-centred and high-quality future education.

In addition, EXPO has a Research in Estonia program, which seeks opportunities for business and research cooperation in four areas: education, personal medicine, the circular economy and the smart city. Top scientists in their field introduce Estonian science.

At Expo Dubai Estonian Pavilion you can see the following solutions:

Smart Classroom

The modern learning space combines innovative student-centred design, various active study methods and the use of digital solutions to support 5 principles of diginative school: interaction and presentation, exchange, development, creation-investigation and listening.

The smart classroom relies on the modern educational space concept to contribute personalized learning and consider students` needs and motivation for learning. The example fragment of the smart classroom is exhibited in the Estonian pavilion at EXPO 2020. We are eager to share Estonia’s best practices and know-how in learning spaces.



  • Kuubis provides expert advice and design of smart classrooms and contemporary learning spaces from international team of architects and interior architects.
  • Standard develops and produces furniture for schools of tomorrow. Small selection of this furniture is showcased at EXPO 2020 together with the smart classroom concept.
  • Estonian Association of Architects offers consultation, training and study tours on concepts of designing contemporary learning spaces and smart classrooms.
  • Tallinn University offers consultations and seminars about active study methods to use in Smart Classrooms and Open Learning Spaces at schools and in nonformal educational settings.
  • Global Virtual Solutions provides all technological services and equipment for connecting teachers, students and the content for future learning space. 
  • CTF Tech provides gamified and virtually attractive cyber education training, competitions and events.


Additional materials



Ms Kristel Mõistus, Education Estonia, email:

EdTech solutions from Estonia

The crucial aspect in facilitating learning is the time – building new concepts is an extremely slow process. Thus, educators’ time is the most valuable resource in learning. From preschool institutions to universities, we offer options to smoothen the inescapable, but boring aspects in the educational process that consume, day by day, the educators’ – and thus that of students’ time.

We present in Dubai various smart, well-tested and client-valued EdTech solutions to free the educators’ time to focus on the core process of education – creating time and space for students’ thinking.

member of education estonia An innovative kindergarten platform for teachers, headmasters, parents, and local governments

Eliis includes numerous functions for teachers, parents, head teachers and local government. It is available for all devices using a web browser or mobile application which makes it easy for parents to send and receive notifications. ELIIS is intuitive, even for those unfamiliar with technology. The system is transparent, auditable and fully protected against non-authorized users.

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member of education estonia Digital learning materials

Opiq enables to digitize core curriculum learning content, provides better access to high quality education and creates conditions for a data-based approach to learning and educational strategies.

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 Augmented reality solutions to assist in teaching and learning complex subjects

With Mobi Lab’s augmented reality solutions developing better digital products for teaching and learning becomes easier and cheaper. Educational companies and publishers can quickly integrate the solution into their existing systems and access all the benefits offered by augmented reality technology.

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 Students wellbeing platform with social learner communities

Clanbeat provides a positive cycle of planning, acting and reflecting to support the self-directed learning and well-being of students. And monitors how students feel, perform and learn. Impact comes, in addition to developing positive habits and good relationship with themselves and their peers also from reflecting the data back in the form of insights for improvement. The end result is a solution that supports and motivates each student to nurture his or her passions, make connections between different learning experiences and opportunities – to design their own learning and processes in collaboration with others. 


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 Online platform with interactive exercises for anyone seeking to improve their speech

The exercises have been designed by experienced speech and language therapists for both children and adults. Exercises can be done either in collaboration with a specialist (a speech and language therapist or a teacher) or independently, together with parents.

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 AI powered Learning Management System for online and offline education 

We teamed up with scientists, teachers and educational technologists and built a study platform, where everything you need to provide education is available in one place and it takes less than 30 seconds to attend school.

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 AI matching of tutors and students with a learning management system is the only online tutoring marketplace that uses AI to match tutors and students and is also a “one-stop-shop” of business and operations management tools, including: advanced calendar and scheduling, full payment, personal marketing, lessons, materials, and student acquisition. Our freemium subscription model allow us to retain competitive commission fees from marketplace purchases.

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 European leading university admissions platform

DreamApply is designed for education institutions looking to increase student enrollment while reducing workload and easily manage their admission and marketing efforts.


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The secret of Estonian education

Watch short videos on Estonian education – from digital solutions to collaboration in higher education:

You can find more materials on our education in our toolbox

Education Week at Estonian Pavilion

As part of the Estonian Education week from 12-16 December, the representatives of Estonian education and research presented their solutions and opportunities. The key events of the Estonian Education Week programme were Educational Technology Day, University Day and RewirED Summit, where the Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna, former President Kersti Kaljulaid and the Director-General of the Board of the Estonian Research Council Anu Noorma participated as honorary guests.

Education Estonia is an initiative for international education cooperation initiated by the Government of Estonia. We are eager to share our know-how and offer innovative solutions created by Estonian companies that help advance your education system.