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Estonian educators keep in touch with their partners in Ukraine
Educational cooperation
February 25, 2022
Boosting physical activity in school: Event with more than 30 000 players
February 2, 2022
Estonia takes the preparation for future work seriously
January 25, 2022
Digital learning materials platform Opiq: the future of education is already here
January 7, 2022
Estonian companies set new standards for the classroom of the future
January 7, 2022
Art makes students happier at school
December 27, 2021
Teachers improve their digital competence in Digital Accelerator
digital competencies
December 23, 2021
Minister Liina Kersna: public-private-partnership in education helps to study in a smarter way
December 15, 2021
Lessons from distance learning: COVID as a catalyst for educational change?
distance learning
December 9, 2021
Estonian education in the spotlight at Expo 
December 8, 2021
Solutions for smart learning – Estonia at EXPO 2020 Dubai
November 19, 2021
Opinion: How Estonia’s leading entrepreneurs are innovating the country’s education
ICT education
October 11, 2021
Estonian education at EXPO: Smart solutions and innovation
October 1, 2021
Baltic States and Benelux countries sign agreement on automatic recognition of higher education
higher education
September 27, 2021
How to support the mental health of young people?
mental health
September 20, 2021
Estonian student applications management solution used from Japan to the Americas
September 10, 2021