Einsteins Square

Subject experts in Core subjects and Life Skills Subjects – English, Math, Coding, Chess, Arts, Yoga, Music, Languages. Awarded with the Most Innovative Curriculum, Einsteins Square has teachers who are professionally trained, experts in their respective subjects and have worked with reputed schools for years. With their rigorous process on on-boarding teachers, only best of […]

99math – social gaming platform

Efficient math practice that kids love. Social practice platform for 1st-8th grade teachers to accelerate results and save lesson time.

ALPA Kids – educational mobile games

ALPA Kids is creating educational mobile games for preschoolers, their parents and kindergarten teachers. The focus is on the child’s native language, local nature and culture. 7 000 languages don’t have content that is: In the child’s native language Educational Culturally relatable ALPA Kids application: For children aged 2-8 Based on local culture & nature […]

Merkuur – mobile technology classes and workshops

We have developed mobile workshops with the purpose of introducing young people the different professions, work practices, and tools of the technology sector. Our mobile workshops drive to every school where each student, teacher and parent can test their engineering skills, use different tools and make exciting products.

Tech Heroes Club

Community based educational platform and tool-kit to boost tech and entrepreneurial skills for kids and youngsters

VIVITA International

VIVITA is an international creativity accelerator network and educational technology platform for kids and youths. VIVITA has no teachers and no formal curriculum. We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and are currently operating in Estonia, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Philippines, Lithuania and USA. The activities are driven by children themselves, and adults play a supportive and […]

Rakett69 – educational TV contest

An award-winning annual science educational TV contest for young people is aimed at showing that STEM can be fun and hands-on, and that anyone can do it, while offering excitement, ideas and knowledge to both contestants and viewers. Students, starting from the age of 15 until they are in their 2nd year of university studies, […]