How to support the mental health of young people?

How to support the mental health of students when it is not possible to meet? The corona crisis has put the adaptability, flexibility and caring of us all to the test. In addition to insecurity and anxiety, the crisis, fortunately, provided new opportunities and ways to support the mental well-being of both students and teachers.  […]

Estonian student applications management solution used from Japan to the Americas

For years counting, Estonia has remained an attractive study destination for international students. In 2020, despite the pandemic, 1,450 international students still found their way to Estonia to begin their studies, while others assumed online studies. One particular startup – DreamApply has played a big role in that. The full article by Blessing Oyetunde can be […]

Short and simple: 5 videos on Estonian education

Five short videos will introduce Estonian education at EXPO Dubai in autumn 2021: from digital solutions to collaboration in higher education. You can find additional material in our marketing toolkit and more videos on Education Estonia Youtube channel.  Digital solutions in education How has Estonia become an exemplary digital society, and a “unicorn factory”? The […]

New school year, new challenges

Two school years affected by the corona are behind us. Every year, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research publishes information material for schools, which summarizes and distributes news in the field of education. Here are some examples of news about the new school year. In Estonia, the new school year starts on September 1. […]

The secret weapon of Estonian education – educational technologists

To use the possibilities of technology wisely at school, you need someone who can find suitable solutions for the field of education. An educational technologist is like an interpreter between teachers and the field of technology. Diana Veskimägi, the head of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologists, believes strongly Estonian schools need many more educational […]

Estonia was awarded the International EdTech Programme of the Year at Bett Awards

The Education and Youth Board of Estonia was awarded the Global Showcase Award for International EdTech Programme of the Year at the Bett Awards today in London. The award was received by Ms Tiina Intelmann, the Ambassador of Estonia to the United Kingdom. “Estonia is a well-known education innovator in the world, including in the […]

Developing independent learning skills in students

Distance learning clearly showed that almost a third of students are not yet able to study independently enough. The Estonian start-up Clanbeat is one of the first to focus entirely on supporting the development of a self-directed learner.  With Clanbeat, students will get used to aiming, planning, and also reflecting on their own learning. The […]

A headteacher interning at a startup – only in Estonia!

For the second year running, school leaders in Estonia are undertaking full-time internships in companies with well-established management cultures. Estonian startup Veriff is taking part in the initiative called Educational Leaders’ Internship Program and has welcomed a headteacher of Estonian school to their team.  Siret Paasmäe has been a school leader for 15 years at Tallinn […]