Education Estonia and a new Estonian-Indian partnership

One of the TOP Estonian edtech companies ALPA Kids and one of the most awarded global preschool chains Little Einsteins, join forces to provide quality elearning games for Indian heritage children worldwide from right here – the heart of Education Nation – Tallinn.

ALPA Kids develops playful and educational mobile applications for children aged 2-8, their parents and teachers to help children learn the essentials like colours, numbers, the alphabet etc through the examples of their own culture and local nature. The ALPA Kids app is easily adaptable to any language and culture. 

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The preschool chain Little Einsteins, with presence in 7 nations, is experiencing a very high growth with their online classes and the Estonian company Einsteins Square. Einsteins Square has seen 20x growth in the last couple of months, especially after the Shakira retweet of Education Nation. It now has students from 37 countries, with the majority of students enrolled from the USA and Australia. It caters to not just to core subjects but life skill subjects like chess and coding for ages 5 to 15 years.

During the COVID-19 crisis ALPA Kids saw a 664% growth in users and existing users became 841% more active during the crisis than they were before. Before the crisis, ALPA Kids was used in 36 countries and 129 cities, but now it has reached 92 countries and 821 cities.

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Since joining the Estonian initiative of free edtech solutions, ALPA Kids has received a lot of attention from abroad. As the need for e-learning is huge all over the world, they started their localization process a lot earlier than planned. Kelly Lilles, the CEO and Co-Founder of ALPA Kids says: ”The apps in many languages spoken in India will soon be released with an amazing co-creation partner.“ Chairperson and Founder of Little Einsteins, Kopal Maheshwari mentions “In order to ensure that all our centres are aligned with the new National education policy, we are co-creating the regional language apps with ALPA Kids for our preschoolers.”

Together the two companies are localizing the ALPA Kids app content to be culturally relevant for children speaking many different Indian regional languages. The Hindi language app will be published already in October.


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