Finland, Denmark and Estonia top the Media Literacy Index 2021

Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden and Ireland are at the top of the ranking of the Media Literacy Index 2021 by Open Society Institute – Sofia. These countries have the highest potential to withstand the negative impact of fake news and misinformation due to the quality of education, free media and high trust among people. As in previous years, Finland remains No1 among the 35 European countries included in the index.

When the scores and ranking of the countries are compared between the 2017 and 2021 editions of the index, the biggest overall improvement is registered by Estonia, Sweden and Ireland, which are good performers anyway, occupying 3rd, 4th and 5th place in the index 2021. The overall deterioration in both their scores and in the ranking over the years is registered in the cases of Latvia (20th place in 2021), Slovenia (14th place in 2021) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (34th place in 2021) as they worsen their performance along with the main indicators of the index. Read more

See Media Literacy Index presentation

Full report (pdf): Media Literacy Index 2021. Double Trouble: Resilience to Fake News at the Time of Covid-19 Infodemic 


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