Oslo innovation week: distance learning in Estonia – heralding the future of education

18 September 2020
by Eva Toome


Education Nation shares Estonian experience of transitioning to distance learning by introducing prerequisites, challenges, obstacles and lessons learned. Also giving overview about relevant principles of crisis management during the state of emergency declared due to COVID-19, and what kind of smart digital solutions are in use in Estonia. We share our best practices during the crisis and how these challenges reflected on what we see as the future of education.

What is more, we’re introducing Ed-Tech’s challenges and lessons learned from the transition to remote learning on the examples of eKool and Clanbeat Education.

eKool (eSchool)is an easily accessible web-based school management tool bringing together students and their families, schools and supervisory bodies.

Clanbeat is a virtual space for students’ growth and well-being — supporting them in taking active role in their learning and life. At the heart of it, there is the cycle of setting goals, planning actions, acting and reflecting supported by their classmates and school.

On stage:
Anett Numa, speaker at e-Estonia Briefing Centre

Aivar Hiio, project manager at Innovation and Cooperation Center of The Education and Youth Authority

Education Nation is a brand for global marketing and export of Estonian education. More information educationestonia.org

The live-feed will be broadcasted on Wednesday, 23rd of September at 10:00-11:00 (GMT+2)
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